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News - 22 April 2024

Circular Economy Simulation: Fashion Forward, now available from Harvard Business Publishing

Our groundbreaking game simulation, Circular Economy Simulation: Fashion Forward, is now available through Harvard Business Publishing Education! Designed for adult learners at all levels, Fashion Forward puts you in charge of a fast fashion company. Over five years, you'll navigate the exciting world of circularity, learning how to balance sustainability with profitability. Explore innovative business models, sustainable design choices, and waste reduction strategies - all while witnessing the positive impact on the environment. Join the movement towards a more sustainable future for fashion - try Fashion Forward today!

Blog - 20 May 2024

Overcoming obstacles to teaching with simulation games

Some instructors relish the opportunity to discover innovative experiential learning tools such as business simulation games. However, many others encounter a host of obstacles that prevent them from getting started. Some of the obstacles are real, others are a result of instructors being comfortable with their current way of teaching and a reluctance to try new approaches. This article discusses the reasons why many instructors are not yet teaching with simulation games and provides ways in which the obstacles can be overcome, either by the instructors themselves or by school management.

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