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News - 17 October 2023

Net Positive Simulation Launched with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance announces the launch of the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation: a new learning tool for hotels to understand the connection between environmental, social and governance issues. Developed in partnership with Sim Institute, the tool has been developed to engage and upskill hospitality leaders and students, bringing Net Positive Hospitality to life.

Blog - 13 November 2023

The International Business Simulation: Market Entry

Although there are many simulation games in which learners manage a global company and make a wide range of decisions, only few simulations focus specifically on the internationalisation process of companies and the related challenges and opportunities. In response, Sim Institute published the International Business Simulation: Market Entry in September 2023. This Newsletter describes the features and uses of the simulation in both higher education and in business planning.

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