Net Positive Hospitality

The Net Positive Hospitality Simulation is a cutting edge experiential learning tool for professionals and students across a wide range of functions and disciplines. It is designed to empower learners with the skills, confidence and enthusiasm to help their organizations to make major progress towards Net Positive Hospitality.

The simulation has been developed in collaboration with the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

How to play

During a period of 7 years, learners review News on developments in the hotel’s environment and select initiatives from a continuously evolving list. Each year, feedback is provided on the learner’s decisions and performance along the different impact areas of Net Positive (the 4Ps). At the end, learners review their hotel’s performance and reflect on different strategies to maximize progress towards Net Positive Hospitality.

Succeed and learn

  • Learning objectives may include any of the following:
  • Making significant progress towards Net Positive Hospitality is challenging but possible if continuous action is taken across the impact areas of People, Planet, Place and Prosperity.
  • Choosing the right strategies requires managers to think through all the consequences of their decisions and to prioritize.