Net Zero High School

In the Net Zero High School simulation, students manage an emissions reduction program at a school. By playing the simulation, students learn about climate change and the actions their school can take to become sustainable. The game can serve as a basis for the students’ emissions reduction plan for their own school.

How to play

In the simulation, students become managers of their own school. Their task is to reduce emissions by as much as possible over a period of 5 to 10 years, while also managing student satisfaction, the school’s rating and operating costs.

Succeed and learn

  • By playing Net Zero High School, students learn that:
  • Human activities such as electricity and water consumption, and waste generation, lead to greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.
  • There are many actions that schools can take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Hear what our customers have to say

Karen Cabrera Daza,

Teacher and Section Head Individuals & Societies, Fairgreen International School
"I have had a positive experience with the simulation game. The opportunity to use this tool was greatly appreciated by both myself and my students, as it provided us with a practical tool to apply theories learned in the classroom. We eagerly look forward to incorporating it into our courses again."
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