Net Zero

In the Sustainability Management Simulation: Net Zero learners lead an emission reductions program at a city-center hotel. By playing Net Zero, participants experience the choices, trade-offs and consequences associated with corporate emission reduction efforts. Click here for a webinar recording from Harvard Business Publishing with a demo of the simulation.

Net Zero has won the Gold Medal at the 2022 Serious Play Awards and was Highly Commended at the 2023 Financial Times Responsible Business Education Awards. Available in English and Spanish.

How to play

Learners take on the role of a General Manager at a 4-star city-center hotel in New York, London, or Singapore. Their task is to reduce emissions by 50% over 7 years while optimizing financial performance.

Succeed and learn

  • By playing Net Zero, participants learn that:
  • Human activities such as electricity and water consumption, and waste generation, lead to greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.
  • There are many actions that schools can take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Used all over the world

Abrar Chaudhury

Research Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford

I ran the simulation on my programme. It is excellent! It helped surface many issues we were discussing in a practical and tangible way. It brought the discussion to life. The videos, teaching notes and deck were superb. Thank you!

Matt Offord

Lecturer in Management, Glasgow University

“Net Zero is a fantastic simulation game which focuses on the biggest challenge to 21st Century: the shift towards responsible and sustainable management.”
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