The Macroeconomics Simulation: Econland brings economics to life by getting students to make monetary and fiscal policy decisions for a fictional country, with the aim of maximizing the economic well-being of the country’s citizens.

How to play

In Econland, learners manage the economy of a country for a period of 7 years. Players make monetary and fiscal policy decisions in order to make the population happy about the economy, including:

Succeed and learn

  • With Econland, students learn to:
  • Apply core macroeconomics concepts by making monetary and fiscal policy decisions and then analyzing the consequences of those decisions.
  • Recognize that monetary and fiscal policy decisions have important consequences for a country's economy.

Used all over the world

Dr. Declan McCrohan

Modul University
"I have used the Econland in my past three MBA Economics classes. The positive impact on student interest and understanding of macroeconomics has been eye-opening. I have seen a clear improvement in student understanding.”
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