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Vision & mission

The goal of Sim Institute is to improve learning and decision making through the use of innovative and engaging business simulation games.

We do this by partnering with leading global organizations to develop simulations for their stakeholders.

Our story

  • Sim Institute was founded by Dr. Tim Rogmans after an international career in strategy consulting, financial services and business education.
  • Tim has authored award-winning simulations, case studies, articles, videos and courses in a variety of business disciplines. Over the last decade, his work has focused on business simulation games and corporate sustainability strategy.
  • Sim Institute works with its own team of software and product development specialists, and partners with a select group of world-class organizations to develop and distribute simulations.
  • In 2018, our Macroeconomics Simulation: Econland was adopted by Harvard Business Publishing and won the silver medal at the Serious Play Awards.
  • Since then, we have developed a range of award-winning simulations and have supported hundreds of organizations and over 100,000 learners with the use of innovative, engaging online simulation games.
  • Our simulations are used by people at companies, government & non-governmental organizations, universities and high schools across the world.
  • Sim Institute continues to develop simulations in various management disciplines, with a particular focus on sustainability and climate change.
  • In addition, we support educators in their teaching with simulations through training seminars and we conduct research on the effectiveness of teaching & learning with simulation games (see Insights page).
  • In April 2024, Sim Institute launched the Climate Change for Managers online course.

Tim Rogmans

Founder & Managing Director

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